Warm Weather Work Outs

Ok ladies the warm weather is upon us and I want to know what are some of your best workouts for warm weather.  Is it walking, running, swimming, hiking, riding a bike or something totally different? I love to get out and hit the local parks for a walk or hike. There is just something about being outside in the fresh air that is so motivating to me. Not sure if it’s the sound of nature like birds or a moving body of water but I get a better work out when I’m outdoors.  So drop what your favorite outdoor workout is in the comments. I can’t wait to see all the different ideas. Have a great day ladies and remember to stay strong, balanced and independent! Do it for YOU!  


1 thought on “Warm Weather Work Outs”

  1. I’ve a 4 yr old does that count as a work out? JK, we enjoy walking down by the water and feeding the geese,my son likes to run, I walk lol, I call him to stop and he does, swimming, bubbles, walking friends dogs,walk to the library. Anything to get us OUT of the house.

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