I can & I will! WATCH ME !!

Happy Monday and Happy May Everyone!

I hope everyone had a great week last week and got a lot accomplished. I know I did. Writing everything down and seeing it daily helped me to finally get somethings done that I have been putting off. I found all kinds of things in my pantry I forgot I bought. Some things I bought for specific meals or deserts and did something else instead. I have a list of everything in my pantry now and I’ve already done my meal plan for this week. I can’t wait to eat! I also got my appointments scheduled and my goals for 2017 done. Yep, can’t wait for that dentist appointment . Lol

So, what do you want to accomplish this week??

For me it’s a pretty easy straight forward list….. number one is to make sure I follow my meal plan so I can start using up some of those items in my pantry before they expire. the second thing will be to get my yards and flowerbeds finished since its supposed to be a beautiful week with little rain. Now last but not least I want to schedule some ME time! Time where I sit, walk or even take a drive alone to clear my head and refocus on ME. I know that sounds a little selfish but everyone needs some alone time to reflect on, well everything. I love my kids, family and friends but every now and then I need me time which I don’t get very often.  Let’s face it ladies…. It’s hard focusing on just ourselves in todays fast paced world.

So, there you have it. My 3 I can and I will’s for this week! What a great way to start May! What are YOUR I can and I will’s for this week? Come on ladies let me know in the comments below. Remember you are a strong independent balanced woman, you got this!

Have a GREAT week ladies!!

Happy May !!






2 thoughts on “I can & I will! WATCH ME !!”

  1. Since I have been meal planning for more years than I like to think about I can’t really put that on my list. And it’s supposed to rain here for days so outside work is pretty much out of the question. I’ve got some tentative plans for the week but they may change if the weather does!

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