I can & I will ! WATCH ME!!

I can & I will !! Watch Me!!!

Happy Monday.

So, how was everyone’s week? Did you accomplish your goals last week? I did for the most part. I didn’t get a lot of yard work done due to lots of rain and cold. However, I was able to stick to my meal plan. I cooked and baked all week last week and I must say my family loved all of it! As for my me time…. I did get a little bit of time alone to reflect and refocus, which as a busy working Mom I definitely need from time to time. I think it helps me focus on what NEEDS to be done from what I would LIKE to get done. And posting my weekly goals on here have helped me a lot.

Now, for this weeks I can and I will watch me… First thing is to sit down for at least 1 hour a day and make solid plans for my Blog. I know I’ve only been posting a few times a week and I want to change that. And a way for me to change that is to start planning in advance so that’s my main focus this week.

Next is to start my walking/exercise plan. My Doctor thinks it would be a great way for me to build the strength back up in my knee since my surgery. Besides, My next Birthday is in 6 months and I want to drop some of my “Holiday/winter” weight. Why is it we all seem to eat everything that’s put in front of us during the holidays? Every where we go people offer us yummy homemade treats. I’m just a guilty of doing that when people visit our home for the Holiday’s. This year however, I think I might start offering healthy options.

My third goal for the week is going to depend on the weather, which so far it looks like it’s going to be okay. I don’t mind chilly, I just don’t like cold and rainy. Anyway, I need to finish up cleaning out my flower beds, get my jungle of a yard cut and my shed cleaned out. It’s grilling season and I want to get the grill out and get the table and chairs out so we can hopefully start having dinner outside and watching the beautiful sunsets.

Well, there you have it. My this weeks I can & I will watch me goals!! Please leave your comments below and let me know what you’ve accomplished so far and what you hope to accomplish this week! Remember all it takes is a little planning and you can and you will too!!

Have a GREAT week everyone.




1 thought on “I can & I will !! Watch Me!!!”

  1. There’s been a lot of rain for me too and I’ve been behind with my blog reading. I’m working on sorting out a schedule that hopefully works really well for me . I hope you reach all of your goes in time for your birthday☺️

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