Water !!!!

Good Morning,

For those of you who have read my I can & I will from the beginning of the week know that my next Birthday is in 6 months and I set a goal to finally lose weight. Now what that means is that I’m paying close attention to what and how much I’m eating along with a beginning walking plan. I’m also taking a few different supplements such as, a multi-vitamin, calcium, magnesium, and Vitamin D.  A few of my friends suggested fish oil or krill oil however, I’m highly allergic to fish and seafood so those are out for me.

So, now onto today’s topic…. WATER!!!

I have read so many different things lately on the subject of weight loss and drinking water. Which I understand the concept. If you drink water before meals you won’t eat as much and if you drink water through out the day you won’t be as hungry so it cuts down on the snacking. But what about some of these things that say drink half your weight in ounces of water or drink “infused” water for weight loss? Do they work? Has any one tried any of them?

There are so many different recipes on Pinterest and other internet sites for infused waters. Like this one green tea + mint + lime helps to burn fat and is good for digestion or what about this one cucumber + lemon + lime for appetite control. Then there is always these ones that are “guaranteed” to help you lose weight. Lemon + mint + cucumber, and mixed berries and basil  or raspberries + lemon. Yes, they all sound like a great way to flavor plain boring water, but do they really help in the battle with weight?

Has anyone out there tried any of these? I would love feed back on this. So please leave your comments below. I’m looking forward to hearing about your experiences with Infused Waters especially if you were drinking them for weight loss.

Have a Happy and Blessed Day,





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