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Plants to plant to get rid of mosquitoes this Summer!!

With the warm weather and planting season upon us, and those pesky bugs already starting to make their appearance, I came across a list of 9 plants that help get rid of mosquitoes. 

I have some of these planted around my home already. So, now I know the reason why I’m not being eaten alive by those annoying night time bugs when I’m in certain parts of my yard. I think I’m also going to put some marigolds, rosemary, basil and garlic in planters this year around my patio and see what happens!!

There is nothing more irritating than an itchy mosquito bite when all you’re doing is trying to enjoy a beautiful sunset and a glass of wine. 

If any of you know of other ways to get rid of mosquitoes or any of the other summers nasty bugs please leave a comment below.  Enjoy, those sunsets!!!!