1 day to LaunchΒ 

Get ready for exciting new recipes, warm weather fitness, spring cleaning tips and ways to make your Easter unforgettable for the entire family.  Easter treats, homemade candies and decorating ideas coming your way in less than 24 hours!!  Please be sure to check back later today for a little sneak peak of what’s ahead. 


In 2 Days!!!

We will launch The Independent Balanced Woman!!!!

We have lots of interesting fun things coming your way in just 2 days! 

This is no April Fools joke – lol. Be prepared for a month full of great things to help you jump start your Spring. 

Sneak peak coming tomorrow, However, Check back April 1st for the full first day blog! 



Coming this April……

The Independent Balanced Woman!!!! 

A blog for women of all kinds. Working, stay at home moms, single or married! 

We will have fun informative things like recipes, health and fitness, finance and let’s not forget family, home and holidays. 

We will give you creative ways to balance your life all day, everyday no matter what the situation.  

So please like us and check back often. We will start posting April 1st.  

See you then,